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Did John the Baptist Tell The Repentant Soldiers To Leave The Military?

Last week we looked at Jesus’ encounter with the Roman centurion and concluded that: (1) you can commend someone’s faith without necessarily commending their occupation, and (2) contrary to popular interpretations, the central lessons to be gleaned from this passage are two foundational principles of Jesus’ approach to peacemaking.  You can read that post here.  Today, I want to turn our attention to John the Baptist’s reply to the enquiry of some repentant soldiers. […]

40 Early Church Quotes on Violence, Enemy Love, & Patriotism

For 1700 years the early Church’s clear teaching on violence, kingdom allegiance, and extending love to enemies has been pushed aside and seldom heard. Let us now consider afresh what they have to say on these topics.

In today’s post, I want to simply allow the early Christians to speak for themselves. What follows is a list of forty early Church quotes on violence, enemy love and patriotism. In future posts, I will unpack many of these quotes and elaborate further on the early Christian attitude to violence and enemy love.  But for today, let’s simply take time to read through this list and reflect on what they have to say. […]

5 Reasons We Should Listen To The Early Christian Teaching On Violence

In yesterday’s post, I revealed a profound, historical irony that occurs within the life of the Church every Veterans Day.  If you haven’t already done so, you’ll want to read that post: The Untold Story of Veterans Day.  Today’s reflection builds upon it.

This post is the second in a series of reflections that seek to familiarize you with the early Church’s teaching on the permissibility of Christians using violence.  But before we start immersing ourselves in the direct teaching of the early Church, I want to list five reasons we would be wise to place significant weight on what they have to say: […]

The Untold Story of Veterans Day

There is a great irony that occurs every November 11th in the life of the Church.  Nowadays most churches in the West have chosen on that day to commemorate Veterans Day.  It is a day set-aside by many churches to honor those Christians who have bravely served in the military. However, historically throughout the centuries, the Church has paused on that very day for quite a different reason.  Traditionally, November 11th has been set aside by the Church to reflect on the life of a Christian military deserter named Martin of Tours. […]