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Jesus taught and embodied a multitude of practices that give shape to the otherwise vague notion of loving enemies. In this section, you’ll discover a growing collection of articles on the core practices of Jesus’ approach to peacemaking.

What Can A Centurion’s Faith Teach Us About Peacemaking?

In Matthew 8:5-13, we read the staggering account of a senior military officer in the Roman army requesting Jesus miraculously heal his beloved servant.  In the middle of talking with this centurion, Jesus pauses and commends the man’s great faith.

Sometimes people use this passage as evidence that Jesus approved of military service.  However, as I hope you will soon see, not only is this interpretation incorrect, but it entirely misses the point Jesus was attempting to make.  When Jesus commended the centurion’s faith, He was actually teaching two lessons that are foundational to His peacemaking approach. […]