I need your help choosing a title for the book I’m currently writing and hope to get published.  To better inform your feedback, you might want to first read my post entitled “Book Description”.  That post briefly describes the primary focus of the book and how it is unique from the plethora of other books available on the topic of Christian peacemaking.

Choosing A Great Title: When it comes to crafting an eye-catching, stellar title, Michael Hyatt suggests that great titles must either “make a promise, create intrigue, identify a need, or simply state the content.”  The challenge is to create a title that succinctly gets at the heart of the book’s content and purpose.  With this in mind I’ll simply list the potential titles that I’ve already brainstormed.  Feel free to vote on your favorite title(s) and/or your least favorite ones.  Alternatively, you may want to come up with a title suggestion of your own.

Which of These Titles Do You Like And/Or Dislike:

  • Jesus Centered Peacemaking
  • Give Peace A Fighting Chance
  • Love Does No Harm
  • An Introduction to Christian Peacemaking
  • The Gospel of Loving Enemies
  • The Christian Peacemaker’s Manual
  • Preparing For Peace: Understanding Jesus’ Approach to Peacemaking
  • Peacemakers Amongst The Oppressed
  • The Christian Peacemaker’s Manifesto
  • Following Our Prince of Peace
  • Blessed Are The Peacemakers: Why Enemy Love Is Central To Jesus’ Gospel
  • Equipping Jesus’ Peacemakers
  • A Missiology For Spreading God’s Shalom Where It’s Painfully Absent
  • Christian Peacemaking
  • Christian Peacemaking Primer
  • Arming Pacifists
  • Enemy Lovers

Now it’s time for you to vote, or come up with an even better title!